Lift a Few Dumbbells and You’ll Be Belle of the Ball

Lift a Few Dumbbells and You’ll Be Belle of the Ball

Tone trouble areas with your personal trainer in Charlotte, NC

It’s impossible to escape society’s expectations of the perfect female body. You see glossy magazines featuring twig-thin models. You watch blockbusters with gorgeous female leads. And you observe lithe and skinny soccer moms drop off their kids in the afternoons. Jamaal at Fitness Destinations is a Charlotte, North Carolina personal trainer who wants to help.

Allow your insecurities, fears, flaws and jealousies to propel you towards a healthier lifestyle. Replace negative energy with the positivity that comes from eating clean and releasing endorphins. It won’t be long before you notice real results. Call 980-297-5198 to schedule a fitness consultation with Jamaal. Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A complete body diagnostic test
  • Regular personal training sessions
  • An exercise routine for your body type
  • A nutritional plan that compliments your goals

The best part is, you can request personal training services in the comfort of your own home – nobody needs to watch you work.

Jamaal includes a nutritional plan in all his personal training packages. What they say is true – you are what you eat. Perhaps you’ve been exercising religiously, but haven’t lost weight. If you continue to avoid nutrient-rich foods that replenish your body and provide vitamins, you’ll continue to gain extra pounds. Contact Fitness Destinations for more information about Charlotte, NC nutrition. Don’t worry, we promise not to starve you.